Our Team

Our team is made up of 19 national staff and four international staff, from logistics to vehicle mechanics, pilots to finance managers, ground operations staff to cleaners. We are proud of our Christian workplace, made up of many different nationalities and denominations working together to serve God and reach the people of Madagascar. Many of our staff have worked for MAF in Madagascar for over 15 years so there is a vast amount of experience within the team.

Key Contacts

The team members below are the primary points of contact for the services we provide.

Flight Bookings: Mamy Rahajarijaona (commonly known as Haja)

Our go-to man in flight operations, Haja has worked for MAF since 2002. Contact Haja on Tel. +261 (0)32 11 656 05 to book a flight or enquire about any flights we may have with empty seats.

Logistics: Andry Rajaobelison

Andry is our Logistics Manager. Managing a team of three logistics staff, they together provide logistics services, assisting with matters including visas, shipping containers, vehicle documents among other things. Contact the team on Tel. +261 (0)34 41 524 57 to find out more.